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Holy Canoli Mick!
I'm Just now seeing this, and from my phone no less, hence me not yet knowing how to access all things as readily or often; but this looks incredible! Just amazing!
Merry Christmas!!!
This is tremendous! You're such a rock star with food!
Cheers! - Leah
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Looks like a great recipe I will give it ago I just joined the site today I have a Peking duck farm in Thailand I am sure the family will love this
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Good thing having a duck farm!
I cook a bit of Thai influenced food because it's so much apart of eating here in Sydney.
Getting the skin crisp isn't easy , butterflied helps ,skin down over a charcoal grill at the end will give the best result. I don't always have time for the last bit.
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When I'm cooking duck in the oven in prep I usually use a bike pump and make an insist on in the neck of the duck and pump the duck up full of air between the skin and the meat this makes the duck have a crispy finish if you have a bike pump give it a go what kind of wood are you using down under for smoking meats I am new to smoking and am thinking about building a smoke house or buying one what would you recommend thanks.
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I have seen the bike pump method,very clever.
I like fruit woods& oak in my smoker but it's pellet/ chip loader.MES.
Look in the build section there are lots of really clever adaptions of old fridges,steel cabinets & the like.Or you can go UDS.
Shipping to Thailand is going to hurt if your thinking of buying an MES or similar.
I am sure members would like to see some authentic Thai food if you get in the mood. There are a couple of Thai residents on the forum that might be able to help you with ideas for a smoker.
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Thanks for the advise on converting a refrigerator I will investigate that further and when I have got a good setup I will start posting up some thai food for your reading hopefully it might turn out well I have heard from a friend that lamyai wood is pretty good to use from our fruit trees in the garden
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