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Sausage stuffer

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Hello Folks


I am in search of a new sausage stuffer I have been using a weston 5 lb vertical for the last year but have already replaced the plunger once and now its on its way to plunger # 2.

Does anyone have or recommend a quality stuffer 



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After reading reviews and researching what I could find, I decided on a LEM stuffer. I have ordered it, and am waiting for delivery. This one seemed to have the best reviews. I checked amazon and their website. Hopefully, I get a good one. Good luck on your research.

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I have that same weston stuffer. What fails on it out of curiosity? I have not had any problem yet.

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Timberjet  the plunger on mine has broken twice  the  teeth on the screw . maybe its me or maybe i just got a bad plunger 

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How was Weston about it? Just in case I ever have any problems. thanks in advance. My neighbor has a LEM stuffer and it has held up well. He is a commercial wild game processor so that is saying something.

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Weston Has replaced both times,  they even paid for shipping. This new one they sent the steel is a lot heavier so will see. I was looking at the Lem's. Thanks for reply. 

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what model LEM did ya get....

i have the 10 pound SS 2 speed. the one that feeds outta the bottom center, not bottom side. have done lots of 19mm pepperoni with it and no problems. i just toss in a bunch of soggy old bread and squish the rest of the sausage out, or make a patty.

GREAT MACHINE...... all my equipment is LEM and i couldnt be happier, grinder, stuffer, meat mixer and vac packer



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I've got a 5 # stuffer from the sausagemaker in Buffalo NY and a 22# stuffer from cabelas both work well,the only drawback is the meat left in the bottom of the stuffing canister.I believe some canisters are designed so there is a smaller space at the bottom where it goes into the tube ?Not sure which brands but I do remember posts on this site where folks talked about designs ?

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I have the LEM 5# and Love it does great never misses a lick, google them they may be on sale now if not free shipping maybe?? 

Good luck and let us know. 

A full smoker is a happy smoker,,, but in your case a full stuffer is happy stuffer LOL :rotflmao:



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I bought the 15 lb Gander Mountain stuffer...... a lot cheaper and I think its identical to the lem.. Its a hoss. The 10 and 15 lb stuffers have metal gears

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boykjo thanks for the info will check it out. 

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Don't think you can go wrong with the LEM.

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Crazy moonn,
I got the kitchener 5lbs from northern tool. It has a groove at the bottom of the cylinder widening towards the exit hole. Helps minimizing the meat left in the machine (I think -haven't used it yet).
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Thanks for all this info . Weston has supplied me with a new stuffer so will see how long this one lasts. 

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