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T-Bones (pics)

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My nephew only has half days of school on Wednesdays and usually stops here on his way home. Today when I asked him if he was hungry and what he wanted, he said can we t-bones on the grill? So off to the butcher shop we went. 


Came home, rubbed lightly with olive oil and dusted up with Tatonka Dust


On to some Onions and Mushrooms


Grill is fired up and ready!


Flipped at 4mins and butter added


After flipping again in 4 mins and adding butter, allowed it to melt for a couple mins and these are ready to eat!!!


I dont normally do plate pictures of my food as I never have anything that looks good. My plate always resembles a HUGE MESS. But someone PM'd me saying I should include one, so here it is, in all its ugliness!!! 

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Looks great!
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Nice looking cook! How was the seasoning?
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Originally Posted by MossyMO View Post

Nice looking cook! How was the seasoning?


Great as always, I love the stuff. Put it on darn near everything!! 

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Great job   Looks very tasty to me



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