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How large a turkey in a 30" MES?

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Looked at turkeys at Costco today for Xmas dinner and they were all over twenty pounds. How large a turkey can you smoke in a MES 30"? Doesn't seem like it can be very large unless you put it in vertically, but how would you do that?!

Your advice is much appreciated as I plan for Xmas dinner!
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I don't have a MES 30 but I bet you could do a beer can turkey. I bought a can holder from Walmart for $3.50. Instead of using a 12 oz can use a 24 oz can..,

You could also smoke halves or quarters as well.
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Can't you just measure the inside and see what fits?

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Measuring?  Why didn't I think of that!  :)


I was just wondering of other's experiences...  I'm especially interested in if anyone has cooked them standing straight up.  


Welshrarebit proposed something I was thinking about which I think is brilliant, but not sure will it work?!  I have done chickens this way, but would it allow me to do a big bird w/ a big can?!  Not sure...


Would love to hear from other's experiences so I can learn from them...  I have one shot at this for Xmas dinner...

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The last few turkeys I smoked I had great success de-boning them. Start by cutting down the length of the bird either along the breastbone, or backbone and fillet out the back, ribcage, and breastbone. I left the thigh leg and wing bones on. After brining I just rolled it up skin side out and put in a netting bag or you could tie it up in cheescloth. It reduced a 14lb bird down to about 6-7" diameter and I was able to hang 3 side by side from the top rack of my MES-40. I used large stainless steel s-hooks to poke thru the top of the bag and hooked them under the top rack. I also made turkey stock from the bones and necks.



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Might need a Foster's oil can for a turkey!

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Did a 17 pounder in my MES30 for Turkey Day this year, however I wouldn't go any larger than that. Ended up twining the legs together so they didn't hit the edges, and it took about 9 hours to cook.

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I cured and smoked a 14.25 pound turkey and it was a success!

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