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Also take into consideration the time of year this is. It will be getting colder and the wind will be a blowing so if your smokers is not in a garage or shed you should think of some sort of wind block to keep temps from fluctuating. Good luck and enjoy.


Absolutely JerseyHunter, When using the smoker outside in an unprotected area, the outside temperature, sun, wind, rain and snow will have a significant effect on the temperature inside. I do have an insulated jacket that I put round my big smoker during the winter which helps but it still is not as stable as smoking on a still, warm day. To minimise the effect try to put your smoker in a position that is sheltered from the wind. On hot sunny days (not an issue now I know) then use it under an awning or roof shelter to mininise the effects of fluctuating direct sunlight.


As you get to use your smoker you will quickly pick up on the things that influence it the most in your garden.

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I am by far (like far far far) from the experts the others are on here.  To the point that I am brand new newbie as well.  Just got a Weber Smokey Mountain earlier this week and in a day or two will be doing my first smoke.  I am seasoning it today and maybe once again tomorrow.


BUT what I lack in experience I can add in regards to being in the same boat you are.  Personally I am going to start with something a bit more simple.  If not in skill at least in length of time to smoke etc.  More specifically something like chicken quarters and then maybe a whole chicken or two.


I am learning my smoker, but also my new Maverick thermometer, chimney lighter etc.  Plus how much wood to add without over powering etc.  I would rather try all this out on $10-$12 of chicken and 3-4 hours or labor versus a $30-$40 brisket or whatever they go for


Also depends on how much time you have.  If you can do 1-2 easier ones then within a few days have time for a brisket it might be worth the wait.  If you can only get around to smoking oce every few weeks (kids? work? etc) then maybe you don't want to wait so long


I compare this to my weber propane grill that I have had for years (love that thing).  I know every square inch of that cooking grate and where to move what when it is getting to done etc.  I want to eventually get to know my smoker that same way.


I did put my smoker next to the grill, and asked my wife if she thought the grill might start to get jealous or wonder what is up.  I got nothing but a goofy look in response.

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I'm no expert either but the smoker does not know what kind of meat you are smoking.



I say go for the brisket! but watch this first:


I followed the the video, my first brisket came out perfectly!

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