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Okay, I have a big smoke by my standards, and a small rig. I've been cooking on a Kamodo Akorn CharGriller for about 18 months now. This Sunday (21st) my wife and I are hosting her family for Christmas dinner. We have a 16 lb whole packer and a pair of Boston Butts around 5 lbs each in the freezer right now. I know for some people around here, that's called "Saturday" but for us, it's a big smoke, too big to fit on my rig at one time. All of the meat will be served @ 1 pm on Sunday. I'm pretty confident with what I want to do with the meat itself, but the timing is more of an issue.

My plan, roughly:

Cook Boston Butts on Saturday during the day. Foil and rest for an hour in a cooler, then transfer to a foil catering pan. Pull the pork and cover with foil, let it cool to close to room temp, then stick it in the fridge over night.

Start the brisket ~9 or 10 pm Saturday night, cooking at 225-250. Pull Brisket ~11 foil, rest in a cooler. Throw the catering pan with the pork into the oven on 200 for about an hour, starting at noon. Unwrap the brisket ~ 12:30 and slice, remove pork around 1 and serve everything.

Some questions: When do I thaw the Boston Butts to have them ready to rub by Friday Night? What about the Brisket?

Will the pork stay moist if I use the reheating method I'm describing? Will it need less time in the oven, or a higher warm temp?

Any advice helps.

Thanks, fellas. I'll try to take some pics to post.
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Take them out of the freezer and place them into the fridge NOW


Your plan for the butts is good but I would add either a finishing sauce or a little apple juice just before reheating. Pull the foil back mix in the liquid and reseal the foil then into the oven.  I would put the pork in a little earlier as well at low temp it takes a bit to heat up.


Have a good smoke and a great day with family and don't forget the Qview

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I'd bump the oven temp up to 300 or allow more time for the reheat as 1 hour at 200 won't be sufficient.   Like Piney said, add in some apple juice, finishing sauce or even defatted pan drippings to help with the moisture.



SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce




J. J.'s Finishing Sauce

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Sound like a plan, I'll be watching



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