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Better than Rotisserie Chicken!

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First time cooking a chicken like this with the Vortex.  Used our XL BGE and the Large Vortex for this cook.  Placed the Vortex in the center of the BGE with the wide end up with a tin pan in the center to catch the drippings.  Added the lump all around the Vortex.  Fired up the BGE and brought it to 375°.    



Chicken was in MH Poultry Brine for 8 hours, rinsed and patted dry and seasoned with a basic chicken rub and onto the beer can holder.  I didn’t actually have any beer in the can, it was just there as a holder for the stand and chicken.



Chicken took a little more than an hour to come up to temp. 



This was by far the BEST chicken on the BGE to date.  Skin was perfectly crispy and the meat was incredibly moist.  Tasted amazing and like it had come off a rotisserie, only better!  I don’t think I will be doing whole chickens any other way from now on. 


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Wow. Looks awesome.
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damn it man.. that looks good... the only problem I find cooking that hot is... doesn't seem like it gets much smoke flavor since it cooks so fast...
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Tasty looking bird!
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Very  nice... :drool

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