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Some Christmas sweets!

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So me and the missus had a marathon baking session on Saturday, we did 6 chocolate chip banana loaves, a cream cheese enriched cherry fruit cake, 250 shortbread cookies, and about 450 squares. The squares were Eatmore bars, Mars bars, and Peanutbutter bars (all about 1 1/2" square, 3/4" to an inch thick. The cookies and bars are in the freezer, but here are the loaves and cake.


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How does someone get on "THE LIST"..... They look awesome...
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Looks and sounds like you were busy! Looks good!
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That's gotta be some mighty tasty treats!!!:drool



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Just two words warranted here.






Cheers from D.U.

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Smart bride, kept you out the bars and you emjoyed it! :pot:   2thumbs.gif 

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She is worth staying home for! :icon_wink:

I'll post a pic of the other cookies/squares Wednesday, gonna bring a plate into work for the boys. They are an indulgence for sure. Once a year she makes them.

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Terrific looking baking!



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Nice stuff the kitchen must have been Hot all that baking

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It wasn't too hot, been below freezing here for a while outside, so it's actually comfortable in the kitchen.

Here is a sampling...
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