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Greetings from Anaheim

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Hello All,


I hereby nominate myself for membership in the SoCal Smokers group.  I don't really have any qualifications since I'm a newbie and am still investigating smokers.  I have been a sausage maker for a few years and want to start smoking sausages.  I found a source for wood by reading posts here (The Woodshed).  Now I'm looking for a good butcher somewhere in the area, so any suggestions would be appreciated.  Will someone please second the nomination so I know someone has at least read this post?  :banana_smiley:  Go sausage!!

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I will second your nomination and welcome you to the SoCal Smokers section. The Woodshed is my go-to source for cooking wood, even though they are an hour away. They are strong California BBQ Association supporters and have graciously allowed us to hold classes there. And they offer a discount to CBBQA members---hint hint :) As far as butchers in your area, I am sure someone will come along shortly and know of one to point you to.

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A very late welcome to you good sir, funny that you guys bring up The Woodshed, because after a good year of just settling with Lowes & Home Depot, I found Woodshed on yelp and just got a few bags of chunks this week and it's now the one and only place I visit for my woods.


It's not close to you, however there is an awesome shop in Huntington that has a huge selection of high quality meat, (at high quality meat prices lol)


Beef Palace

Butcher Shop


5895 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA

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