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I got my grill one of those blankets that are suppose to hold the heat in the cold temps. So I decided to try it out and see if it worked. Wasnt sure what I was going to get when I went to the store, looked at almost everything they had and the only thing that stood out was some ribs that were already cut. Said the heck with it and got them. 


The new blanket/cover



Ribs ready to go



Some veggies to be added later



Ribs going in to smoke for several hours



Ribs ready to come off the smoker and onto the charcoal grill for a brief time to crunch up the outside a little



Charcoal grill getting ready



Veggies and Ribs added to the charcoal for the finishing touches



Finaly done and ready to eat (didnt get no finished on grill pics, was starting to rain)



Smoke ring on the ribs

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  Really nice looking ribs Tommy. Good job! Thumbs Up How did the blanket work out for you?



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Thanks So MS Smoker, 


The blanket seemed to work well, it held 170 degrees, without to much trouble. The cook prior to the blanket the temps were up and down constantly but there was also a very cold wind that day. Outside temp was pretty close to the same, but didnt have the wind to deal with. All in all, I think it worked fairly well.  

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Looks good !!!




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Good looking ribs Tommy. Any reason why you cooked them separately rather than as a rack - or did they come already cut? How long did they stay in the smoker?

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Wade thats the way they came, I think the package said "Country Style" or something to that effect. 


They were in the smoker a little over 4hrs at 170. 

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An 'Ace' job , Tommy... :drool , way to go...

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