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I have a big butt!

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First of all, this is my second weekend with a smoker. This weekend I did a tray of Mac and Cheese and a small Pork Loin.
It was successful all the way around thanks to tips and suggestions from this forums members.
Heres some pics!

This coming weekend I am going to stick my butt in the smoker! ;)

Can't wait.
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Looks good. Question are you just using the smokers meat probe? If so you must have a good one.

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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

Looks good. Question are you just using the smokers meat probe? If so you must have a good one.

Yes.... GOOD EYE!
I only used the equipped probe.

My first smoked item were some chickens.  I used the probe and some instant read thermometers.  They were ALL DIFFERENT.

My chickens came out slightly undercooked.


After the fact, I did the boiling water calibration on my IR thermometers but now they are WAY off at lower temps.  In a 65 degree house, they are showing 80 and 85 degrees respectively. 


Since that first cook, I have learned to compensate for the short comings of the equipped probe.

I have learned that I need to SUBTRACT about 10 degrees from the reading.
I need to cook until a temp that most would consider 'Over Cooked', and its just right.


It is no substitution for a good aftermarket electronic thermometer.  I just haven't got one yet.  ;)

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  That pork loin looks nice! Glad to hear you are checking the accuracy of your therms. It makes all the difference.



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Bull you should ask Santa for 2 probes. I have an MES40 and I know how far off they run.

1 probe for the meat

1 probe for the CC

I used ceramic magnets from Harbor Freight to hang the CC probe, the corks are from when I laid it on the rack. 

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You are absolutely right.  I should ask Santa!

I definitely need to do something...


I like what you did with yours.  I may follow suit.



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