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Do NOT use wire brushes to clean your grill / smoker...

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Family Pizza Night Leads to Emergency Surgery for WA Man
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Wow! That's pretty unnerving especially since we just had pizza for supper. I use a grill pad on my grates, sometimes on the grill I will preheat and clean with wadded up newspaper. You'd be surprised how well paper works.
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Thats good info!. I think I will go brillo.
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Holy Moley,  What a wake up that would be.   Something to learn from.

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my Rec Tec grates need a good cleaning....

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I got a wire stuck in my upper gum line. I always inspect my grill grates very carefully now.
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Sounds like one need to look at the bottom side of the pizza they just ordered.

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This last week I BBQed a chicken breast for the wife unit and I, before serving it guessed it. I found a wire from the brush sticking straight up in the breast. It must have stuck to the grill when I cleaned it then transferred itself to the chicken. I'm both happy and terrified that I found it. Brushes are in the garbage. NEVER again.

Thanks for this thread.


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Not worth the chance.
Many other ways to clean grates and racks.
Brushes tossed.
Thanks for the heads up.

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I'd really like to know more about the brushes used. The one in the photo in the OP story looked more like a Harbor Freight welding brush than anything I've ever used on the grill.

Those of you who have had incidents at home… I presume you were using dedicated grill brushes?

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The brush I had used that fell apart was from a "Big Box Store" BBQ specific, not welding application.

I now use the Stainless Steel "Brillo pad" style to clean the grill. Works great on the flat surface, but doesn't get into the slots.

What do you all use to get in between ?


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