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My first attempt at Bacon made salt pork

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Attempted my first making of bacon and it was a total flop.  I used the "wet cure" kit I got from the Sausagemaker.  Followed the directions to a "tee"...smoked it at 200deg to an internal temp of 140 degrees...cut a piece off to see how I was salt pork....cut a slice from the middle of the slab...salt pork


What did I do wrong?    

torp3t3d0 (pete)

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Sounds as if you didn't add the cure #1... sodium nitrite in salt.... what was the kit number.... How long was it in the cure kit mix.....

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it was their "Maple Ham Cure"


I followed the directions as described in the link.......after reading more stuff in the forum, I think I may not have rinsed it I only washed it under cool water to remove the brine, I did not soke it at all.

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torp, afternoon..... So you mixed up a slurry of the ingredients and rubbed both sides of the skinless belly... and used 4 Tbsp. of the recommended cure mixed with salt..... wrapped in plastic and held in the refer at about 38 degrees F for 5 ish days... turned frequently... The belly was totally thawed before rubbing.... rinsed and smoked.... should have worked.... the meat should have had that pink bacon/ham color from the cure #1....
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Dolphins and a patrol pin........ but a non-qual dink at bacon....LOL


Let me give ya a purple sig. No kit needed, just some pink cure #1.




There is two excellent tutorials here. Pops which is a brine and BearCarvers which is a rub.


Here is what I understand, max heat allowable is approx. 130 degrees if warm smoking. The warmer the bacon the better the smoke holds on, but you don't want to "Cook" it or render the fat.


So from what I have seen some do cold smoke with a smoke generator the entire smoke. Some of the more seasoned veterans do extended smokes gradually increasing the temp from 100 to approx. 130 carefully watching to not render the bacon.


Some small amounts of weight loss are generally given to loss of water from dry curing. Less than 5% seems acceptable.


Cold smoking can but doesn't require, a cooling medium like ice. More normally its achieved by just using a smoke generator with no additional heat from the smoker.


If you still have questions and don't we all I would suggest you read either:


Bearcarvers Tutorial


 Craigs Tutorial (Pops Brine)


Craig is doing the Pop's method, which I use. Its good for bubbleheads and small children, so I could understand it.


Either of these will make you soooo much happier.


Oh, sorry Dave wasn't meant to step on ya toes, just being helpful fior his next time.


<Bows out somewhat ungracefully>

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Oh and BTW when ya get a monent, click on the task bar above and tell us all you'd care to about yourself. But more importantly let us know your region. Climate has a lot to do with answers and its so much easier to just look at your profile.


Good luck with your bacon. You know once you've made your own you'll never go back. Addicted for life.

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only minced, not soaked....should I have let it stay in the water longer?

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going to send the stuff back to sausage maker (I use them as I make 5 different sausages and they have the best prices on spices and casings...I say an article in their catalog on making bacon and started to try...bought a 22.5" Weber smoker (kind of hard to regulate for low temps....(need to use less charcoal)


My next try will be with "pop's brine"


(Belly costs me $5.99 a pound a lot of wasted meat here.

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Originally Posted by torp3t3d0 View Post

only minced, not soaked....should I have let it stay in the water longer?

Did you leave all the mix on the belly for 5 days or longer.....
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If you use a measured amount of salt cure#1 and sugar then you can't over cure and you can only under cure if you get impatient. I make bacon using skin side slabs for butts and cure 10  to 14 days.

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I wouldn't throw it out even though it is salty. Cut into chunks and use to season beans, greens and such. Just don't add salt. That is as long as you are sure you didn't use too much cure.

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Yes. Seven days
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No matter what cure you use you should slice off a slice and fry it for taste test before smoking. if to salty soak in cold water for 2 hrs (change the water every hour)..

 do another fry test. .If still to salty repeat soak and fry test  until not to salty then smoke


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Have 2 more batches brewing....a liquid one (pops brine) and a dry rub with the Morton Cure......will do as you suggest....thanks for the advice.


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I use Bear's dry cure mixture and it always make great bacon.




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can you provide it to me...Bear's dry cure?  I think I used it but not sure.   

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