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Smoked a NY Loin Roast

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We're breaking in the new MES 30" this weekend. The star of the show has been the NY strip loin roast. I salted it and left it uncovered in the fridge for 2 days. This morning I smoked it at 215 degrees with hickory chips. Didn't want it too smoky so I only filled the hopper about half full and only one time. Took it out at 125 internal temp. and let it rest for 30 minutes. It is so tender, juicy, and lightly smoked I thought my husband was going to die when he tasted it. He couldn't wait to make a sandwich. I didn't really get a bark but with such a good piece of meat I would rather have rare than bark. The photo was taken one slice in so it was even pinker than this. 

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That is how I would do it. Dang fine looking piece of meat there. Good job.

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That looks awesome!!   Nice job-   I just saw those on sale in this mornings paper, never tried one. That's about to change!   How did leaving it unwrapped affect it?   Guess I've always seasoned then wrapped for a day or 2.  Just curious-


Happy smokin!

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Thanks! Definitely try it! Leaving it uncovered is basically dry aging the meat. Dry aging lets dehydration concentrate the meats flavors. If we're allowed to link to outside sources, here's a good article on it from Fine Cooking. http://www.finecooking.com/articles/dry-aging-beef-pays-off-big-flavor.aspx

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Thanks! Husband says this smoker is the best Christmas present he ever gave me. :yahoo: 

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Tasty looking roast! Nice Smoke! I have to agree with dry aging. I use a 7 day process I found on the Food network.
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Thanks. Definitely longer is better, I usually go anywhere from 3 to 7 days. But I just got my smoker and couldn't wait!!! 

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That is one excellent looking chunk of meat !

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Terrific looking piece of beef. Salute!



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Great Job    Looks just right to me



Thinking about buying the wife a new push mower for Christmas but like the smoker idea !



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I had one of those once, the dog took it off the counter:(. Yours looks great, hope you enjoy all of it!
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Nice job on the Strip Tropigal.   If you want more of a crust, do a reverse sear on it next time.   Pull it from the smoker at about 115 and throw it on a very hot grill.  Roll it around to develop a crust and then let it rest.  Ideally, carryover cooking will only take it to the same 125.

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Haha! I used to have a counter surfers. A ham disappeared one day but nobody would admit anything. Now all of my dogs are too small to reach. If they start pushing chairs to the counter I'm in trouble.

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Thanks for the tip! I'm dead new at this. 

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Tropigal08, you may be new to smoking but I suspect you've been cooking delicious fare for a while because no one breaks in a new smoker with a NY Strip roast!  You look like you nailed it beautifully.  Those experienced instincts and habits will serve you well with the smoker.  Just think of the new toy as a smoky oven.   

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awesome.....a thing of beauty is a joy forever. he'll be talkin up that roast for years to come.......Willie

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Thanks for the reply, I picked one up yesterday. sounds like 7 days is the way to go. How can I possibly look at it in the frig that long? Have to put Dick Cheney in charge of this one....:icon_lol:   Did you trim it up b4 smoking? 

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Haha! I didn't trim. I wanted all of that delicious fat basting the meat as it cooked. I know many people are afraid of fat, but I cherish it for cooking. I made a simple hash last night with some of the left over beef. I trimmed the fat and rendered it first to brown the potatoes in. Every bite had a delicious beefy richness with a hint of smoke. And don't tell anyone, but the crispy bits I had left after rendering were the best part.

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Nice :drool

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Brisket leftovers make great hash also.
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