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Hey Spiffy,  you smoked anything lately ?  Be sure and post some pictures we are all interested, and if you have any questions or need help just ask



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Ok Everyone says to 145 degrees, but at what temp do you cook it.

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Most say 225ish for pork.
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Originally Posted by sawinredneck View Post

Most say 225ish for pork.

Agreed, I try to keep my smoker at 225-235 for pork loin and ribs. Pork butt, I am okay with getting it up to 250.

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Thanks guys I'll see what happens later when I cook it for dinner. I'll keep you posted.

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Just ate the pork loin roast that I made in my smoker. I did it at 240 degrees and it was done in 2 and half hours. at 145 degrees. It was not only juicy but you could taste the smoke. I used both cherry and apple. Thanks to all for input about what to do.

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Smoked my first pork loin using our new Master Built Electric smoker using Hickouy.

I had read times from 1 1/2 to 4 hours using various smoker temperatures.

I thought I was using a lower temperature for a longer cook but in 2 hours the loin was 160 IT, so I took it out and thought it might be dry but it was very moist with the smoke flavor all the way through.


I checked and found that the thermometer on the door was 60 F degrees. low.

I thought my cabinet temperature was between 200 and 225 when in fact it was 260 to 285.

So now I know what to do.

I also smoked some country sausage that the lady at the butcher shop told us was not hot. That lady either lied to us or she has no idea what the words "Is this sausage spicy hot?" mean.

Now we are wondering if the "Mild" sausage might not burn blisters on our tongues.

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   I am new to this forum, in fact this is my first post, but I wanted to step in and say thanks.  I will post to the Roll Call when I get a chance, but the short version is I just got into smoking and when looking for tips/techniques I ended up here and got a ton of them.

   We had a late Christmas get together and I smoked some pork loin.  10 lbs to be exact.  I started with two and cut them down to end up with 4 pieces.  On 3 I used a commercial rub and one of those got bbq sauce on top about 30 prior to pulling.  The 4th was a rub from online using kosher salt, brown sugar, lemon pepper, and red pepper.  They all turned out great though the bbq one didn't stand out and I don't think I will bother with it again.

   Before I did the meats I smoked 4 blocks of cheese, 2 pepper jack and 2 mozzarella, at 150.  Those went out as appetizers and along with the meat was a hit all around.  Thanks so far for the information and I imagine you will see me around in the coming months.


Good Eating.

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First time smoking a stuffed loin. Thank you for your temp and time info on all your posts. It was a great help! We smoke allot.. From beef -to chicken- to a full turkey.. 👍🏻 turned out great! Thanks again!
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