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Try Philadelphia cream cheese.
Really good especially on an onion bagel!
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Originally Posted by Oregon Smoker View Post

looks great!!!


what got me/my attention was the eggs at 45minutes? is that the thought at 225 degrees or does anyone know the wiggle room here? do not want to dry out the eggs or over cook them.


thanks for the help/clarification in advance.



Sorry I am just seeing this now.  The eggs were hardboiled, as someone mentioned, before hitting the smoker.  I think 45 minutes was too short.  I will go 2 - 3 hours next time.  Cold smoke for both the eggs and cheese.  I was struggling to keep the temp below 90 on these.  Now that it's in the low 30's much of the time, I am planning on doing more cheese and eggs soon.

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Man that cheese looks great



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thanks for the update,

let us know out here,

as i understand it you think smoking the eggs longer is better, and  if so how much longer? in your opinion


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I don't know for sure.  I will try 2 hours next time and see what happens.  I'll probably use hickory and apple since that's what I have and there will be cheese in there too.  I REALLY love the cheese sticks and so does my son.

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Looks like good eats' and fun to me.


Good job.



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