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Starting a new compost site

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What is and how is the best and easy way to start a new compost site. Want to learn.

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Hello.  Well a cheap easy way to start is with 4 used pallets.  Stand them on end and baling wire top and bottom at each corner.  The pallets help with air flow.  A layer of hay/straw on the bottom will get ya started.  Then add veg trimmings, coffee grounds, egg shells help to keep the compost loose.  A few  handfuls of dry dog food help to start the fermentation process.  Any introduction of meat fat MAY attract mice.  I think they sell a protein "substitute" to add to your compost pile that should not attract mice.  Grass cuttings are also good to add but you are not gonna get a good compost with grass cuttings alone.  You need the nitrogen from veg and a protein supply to get that compost off to a good start and make it feed for your plants.  urn about once a week/2 weeks.  When first starting a new compost bin you may very well get a smell of rotting stuff from it until the process takes hold.  Once the bacteria has started working the smell will almost disappear.  When that pile is to the top of the pallets remove the pallets and start another spot.  Use some of the original compost to start the new pile off.  Just my opinion.  Others may have a better idea.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks for the info.Its a start.I am never to old to learn.Going to give this a try

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