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Smoked chicken wings

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I've been reading posts on smoking chicken wings but I'm just wondering about the skin.  I know that smoking poultry leaves the skin rather rubbery.  Doesn't that apply to wings also?  I see where some folks just smoke 'em & eat 'em.  Others either throw them on a grill for a short time or put them under the broiler for a few minutes.  I'm not fond of the tough skin & will remove it from the bird after smoking, but doing this to just wings could get rather tedious.  Any suggestions to help me out?



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You have to get the temp above 325° to get crispy skin. You can however canalize the sauce below that.

Happy smoken.


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All poultry benefits from a higher temp smoke. If your smoker can't do that then you do have a few options. You can grill them at high temp, turn on the broiler in the oven, or deep fry them real quick.

I can run my smoker hit so that's the method I use. I would recommend whatever method you use, and whatever type of sauce you use to try out injecting the wing prior to cooking. Really adds the flavor to the meat.
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One more note, if you're going to knot eat the skin, take it off before any other prep. Save the skin for making schmaltz.
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