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Bacon in a WSM?

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Anyone do this? Where can I find information on what to do and how to start bacon? Sorry, I'm new to cold smoking.
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Type in "Pops Brine" and "Bacon" in the "Search Forums" bar above this thread.... Or go to the "Forums" square and hover.... down the list a ways is "bacon" threads...... When you find something you like, questions are always welcome...

Click on the link below for some good info on curing....

and cold smoking......
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Happy smoken.


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I smoke bacon on the WSM on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I will smoke two slabs tomorrow AM. I recommend Bearcarver's tutorial.

Tomorrow, I will use Kingsford Blue Bag arranged in an double row all the way around the charcoal ring (WSM 22") and light one end. I place smoke wood early into the smoke. Tomorrow I'll use Pecan. My goal is a very low heat (near cold smoke) increasing it slowly over several hours (all day) to 145/F degrees internal. I'll also dry some jerky I have in a brine now at the same time.

This is some I did this past summer:

...but tomorrow, instead of laying the bacon and jerky flat I will hang it using the expandable smoking rack using hooks in the bacon and skewers in the jerky laid across the cross bars:

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After you pull it what do you do next?
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