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Lining the cooking chamber with...

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Has anyone lined the cooking chamber with fireplace bricks, ceramic tiles, or pizza stones for heat retention?  I'd think that would work really well.  Any replies would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I have not found it necessary with my Rec Tec smoker.  My unit holds the set temp exactly and recovers within 5 minutes after the door is opened.

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I've seen people wrap a few firebricks in foil and put them in the chamber. You don't want just plain firebrick due to it being porous, bacteria can lodge in it and cause nasties that might make people sick.

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That's very informative Bear 55.  Thanks for sharing.  I don't have an electric pellet smoker, though.  I chose not to go that rout.  Although most pellet burners have excellent reviews, I'd rather play with a real fire.  To me, that's part of the fun.  I've eaten ribs, and Tri-tip made on a pellet burner, but I thought the smoke flavor was much more subtle than the same cooked on a wood burning smoker, or even a Weber kettle. 


I think I may be on to something about lining the cooking chamber with some type of heat absorbing material. It would lessen the amount of space the fire would need to heat, as well as retain some of the heat that the fire had already put out.

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JIRodriguez nailed it!! If you put anything in your cook chamber that will absorb or capture food drippings you are creating a place for bacteria to grow, unless it is cleaned after every use or the cook chamber temp. is taken high enough for long enough prior to the next use. That even includes the spaces between foil wraped bricks if they are butted together.
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