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X-Mas Pork Tenderloin Noob

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First time poster here so bare with me.  I just recently started getting into smoking by winning a BGE.  For X-mas eve I have been tasked with cooking the meat.  My father-in-law has chosen pork tenderloin.  I found some good recipes and cooking temps on the forums but need help on the timing.  My wife wants to arrive at my father-in-law's at before noon.  I figure that I can have the tenderloin prepared by then but I am afraid that we may not eat until later that evening.  What do you guys think is the best way to store and reheat the tenderloin for eating later.


Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing to the forums!  :-)  

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Wrap the tenderloin in foil, this is a good idea anyway to allow for a rest period.  When ready to reheat into the oven until hot.  If you wrap the loin in foil and wrap in several towels and then into an ice chest it may retain enough heat and not need reheating.  I've kept pork butts in an ice chest for 4 hours and they are still piping hot. 


Good luck

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Excellent thanks!  To avoid drying it out, what temp do you think I should heat the oven to and should I bring it up to any specific internal temperature when reheating?

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Please swing by roll call and introduce yourself. Also if you add a location to your profile we can help you better on future stuff. Happy smoking and congratulations on winning a BGE. I wish I was that lucky. timber

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Pork tenderloin cooks really fast so it won't take too long. All depends on the size of the cut and the thickness. Even running the smoker low 225°-250° a average size tenderloin usually is done (145° IT) in about an hour. One note make sure you have a good accurate therm to monitor pit temp and the meat temp. Pork tenderloin is really easy to over cook and dry out. I personally take mine to 140° pull from the smoker and foil. It will hit 145° in the foil. If your guests haven't had smoked tenderloin before don't be surprised if they react to the pink color of the meat and think that it is under cooked. My mother in law flipped the first time I served it. Turned out all good after I explained that I cook to temp.

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IMHO , I would (if you intend to re-heat later) cook to 130F and wrap for the oven . When reheating , take it to 140*F , rest and enjoy a Med. cooked , juicy




Just sayin' . . .

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