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So I was digging through the freezer today looking for a pork roast I thought I had when I came across a three pound hunk of ribeye that I had saved the last time I cut one into steaks.  So I figured that would make a nice little meal today.  I put some olive oil on it, threw some Montreal Steak Seasoning on it and grilled it indirect on the Weber for a couple of hours.  I brought it up to 135 degrees, took it off and let it rest for thirty minutes wrapped in foil. 



It was cooked a touch more than I prefer but it gave my wife and I two very thick, juicy and tender steaks.  In my defense, I was distracted by a kid delivering a truckload of seasoned cherry wood and I had to help him unload it.


Pork butt tomorrow!

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You can't beat a ribeye. Enjoy!



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Yum! I'll bet they were tasty...ya gotta love a ribeye!

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Nice !



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