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Apple-Brown Sugar Bacon

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Today I bought 27kilos(60lbs) of Pork Belly.... We love Bacon!  I Dry Cure bacon, but My wife prefers Wet Cured(brine) to the dry.  I have tried to fool her, but her taste buds can always catch me.  I have been curing and smoking more years than I can count.  I don't claim to be a expert or master but the method I use has never failed me.  I would love to use some of the cures you guys have access in America.  Here in Europe I can only buy Curing Salt with 1.5% Nitrite.  This is really not a problem, 1.5% is good enough and secures the right texture and color for any curing job be wet or dry.


60lbs of Pork belly ready to make bacon!!!!

So, here is the pork belly after washing and laid out for the stitching process.  I see people here in the bacon forums sometimes having problems with the cure being uniform (as in the texture and color).  I have learned over years you have to adjust, adapt and experiment.  Producing cold smoked Bacon really is a art form. 


Stitching.... I learned this from a The University of North Carolina website on Production of Cured Meats.   Stitching can also be used in combination with Dry Curing.  It insures a uniform, color and texture in bacon and other cured meats. Stitching with brine cure.

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Using an Injector, inject your brine cure between the fat layers on all four sides and several place on top.  I have been using this method for the past 10 years and it has never failed me once. 

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I have these pork bellys in My Apple-Brown Sugar cure.  What I do is mix the Curing salt, 1 cup brown sugar, and Mix apple juice with water 60/40.  After everything is dissolved.  I use my injector to "Stitch" the pork belly.  then Place them in the cure I keep it outside in my Hof.  You need to maintain a temperature between 34 to 40 degrees.  Since it's winter time this is not a problem.  I'll keep this in the cure for 10 days or so... no more than 12 days.  I post the next step with pictures.  I wash it all off and let hang for two days to drain and dry.  Then I coat them with brown sugar syrup (I make by boiling until thick and sticky) and black pepper.  I'll cold smoke it for 1 week.  See you later with pictures...  

This is my stainless steel cold smoker complete with bacon and a nice shoulder I cold smoked this in Apple and Beechwood.This is what my last batch looked like when finished, (sorry I dont have a better picture)

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Good looking bellies. Watching for more photos. CF

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Looks good.
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Originally Posted by BrianKinlaw View Post
Producing cold smoked Bacon really is a art form. 


I totally agree with you on this  thumb1.gif  ... It is the only way that I do all of our bacon :icon_biggrin:

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Wow! That is a stunning load of bacon. Can I help you out by storing some for you?



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Nice load of bacon!
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Great Job! :drool:the meat looks fantastic to begin with. so you are injecting and then dry rub? the other you make is in a brinesolution as well?



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