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fire basket

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Hi all, wondering if within the firebox size calculation I should be using the fire basket as volume or volume of firebox only

Bit of background: reverse flow over and under. Cutting down firebox volume by way of internal door or baffle (detachable to allow for lesser or greater firebox volume/baskets)

I know that the firebox to cc open area will change, but have that covered.
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Hello.  I noticed you haven't had an answer.  I am no whizz at the calculators.  Back when I was building smokers it was pretty much trial, error and experience.  I would say the volume calculation you would use is the volume of the firebox.  It is not about how much charcoal is in the box it is about the volume of heat that "can" be pushed through the smoker.  IF the firebox and/or the opening to the cc is too small the result will be the loss of heat from the firebox due to radiation rather than the heat "flowing" through the smoker.  It's all about air flow.  If I am wrong here I hope someone will correct me.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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Dave Omak is the man. Pm him and he will help you out.

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