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New MES30 user

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Well I picked up a MES30 on Black Friday at Sams for $149. I finally got it put together tonight. Hopefully I can find time to season it on Friday and hopefully start smokein stuff. I think it's a Gen 1. But I'm not sure. I also have a Smoke Hollow 4-in-1, that I've been using since Fathers Day. The SH is what gave me the bug. But I got tired of having to constantly tend to the fire. On short smokes it wasn't bad, but those 12 smokes it got kinda old....quick. I wanted something closer to set and forget. I do have a few questions tho. First of all, is that price a good deal? I didn't take it out of the box because I was debating on taking it back. Then I think one of my kids is getting me a cover for it for Christmas. So I figure I'll keep it. I got a AMNPS already, so I'm good to go there. Thanks to the fine people here.

So when I season it, I just spray the inside with spray oil and crank it up to 275 for 3 hrs? I plan on leaving the AMNPS in while I do that, and then, the last hour load it with pellets and let them burn out, to complete the seasoning. Correct? All with no water in the water pan?

I have some idea what I'm doing since I have had my 4-1 to practice on, but I'm sure I will have plenty of questions as I go. This will be my first time using an electric smoker.


My SH 4-1

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Congratulation. Yes that is the way you season it. I would also check the temperature of the smoker at the same time. 

Happy smoken.


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Thanks for the response.
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