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I need some opinion's on this.


It isnt mine, we had it made. We have been havin it made at this place for years but I want to get into stuffing.






We took them about 30 lb venison, 10 lb beef and 10 lb pork.


This is what I have to go by when I start my project.


The casing is none ediable, I know that.


Any idea on what size casing?


I have a old hobart grinder and a enterprise stuffer.  I have a stuffer from Northern on the way.  ( wife says I cant have it till Christmas )



Ideas on the process or spices?    

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Looks to me like a 2 1/2" fibrous casing. How long is the log you got from them?
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The finished dia is 1 1/2 to 1 3/4.


They are about 2 ft rings.

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