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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

I had a luncheon to cater and won't be home for a bit longer. I've got to make the sides and the sauce. It should come together pretty quickly. I am really looking forward to dinner tonight!

Look "crazy Lady" I was promised some tongue!:biggrin:

Happy smoken.


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Love the title, I was worried that I had click the wrong site button.

Looks like one delicious dish, haven't had tongue since I was a kid.


Cheers from Down Under

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looks good so far,  I hope you washed it well!!!


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Well, I finally got it all done. So much fun and soooo delicious! Yes, Rick, I did wash it very well. Even scrubbed it with a brush for a good while. It was on the smoker for 5 hours, then inside to cool and in to the fridge. This is what it looked like when I took it out. I skimmed all the fat off, removed the tongue, strained the sauce and then started the reduction.




The skin came right off without any problems. I let the cold tongue hang out while I reduced the sauce, then it went back in to heat through.




I prepped my veggies. I made some baby carrots that were cooked in the sous vide with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. After they came out I seared them in the CI. I also did very slow cooked onions and mushrooms. The tongue is sitting on top of that.




I also made garlic mashed potatoes that I piped out in to roses, topped with parm and under the broiler.



I love beef and tomatoes so I slow roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic (for the potatoes) for three hours at 225F. I topped the tomatoes with Meyer lemon zest since I found some at the store yesterday.



And here are some plated pics. I cut "leaf" shapes out of cabbage and blanched them in salted water and arranged them around the potatoes to look like roses with leaves. Not quite green enough, but I love potatoes and cabbage together. It was delicious.





What a great meal!!!














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Tasty looking meal! Nice smoke!
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What a great meal. I love tongue! Thanks for the great view, Squirrel.





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"Squirrel gettin' down with a little tongue action....."


You sure got me licked in the creative titles department. :77::biggrin:


Wow! great tasting dish! Beautiful plating too!



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Wow. I gotta get my next one.

Get meal
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:drool:Looks very nice!

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

What a great meal!!!

Got that right Girl!
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This is great tongue ....but I was expecting something like the one you posted yesterday...

Smoke ring et all...was this done the same way?
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Ooooo, great looking tongue . :drool 


Gimme some........

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You certainly nailed this meal, presentation is 10 out of 10.


Cheers from Down Under

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What a presentation , everything looked good !

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Thanks for the tutorial Cheryl..... Dave
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What an Awesome Meal, Cheryl !!!Thumbs Up


Looks awful tasty!!-------------:drool:drool:points:


I haven't had bovine tongue for many years!!!  All I can remember is how it was very tender.




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My goodness!

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Damnit Squirrel! Now I remember why I didn't like your posts..... they made me drool all over my keyboard! :drool


That is an awesome looking plate of food, glad to see you haven't missed a step, always enjoy reading your posts!

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