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1rst Pastrami from corned beef flat

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I wanted to try my luck with some pastrami. I was looking around on this site for a way to accomplish that. There are a lot of good tips on this topic.  I had some time to try it on Sunday

but was limited on what I had on hand for spices, and came across the thread from "smokin husker" to make "Easy Corned Beef Pastrami".  I had everything on hand for that one. I

bought a DigiQDX2 for my WSM 22.5.  I wanted to try that also.  I cheated the recipe a little, by taking it off the smoker at 175*, and putting it on a rack in the pan of water foiled, and steamed it to 205*  (Tender with toothpick test)  It was on the smoker for approxiamately 6.5 -7 hrs. A TON of smoke.  It was getting cold and dark outside.  I didn't keep track of time, just temperature with Maverick.  The DX2 "rocked" all the way. I'm

 going to love that addition for my smokes. I took a couple of pics of finished product.

 I had some great marble rye and swiss cheese.  I took it to work on Mon. and it was devoured quickly. I had 2 of these and was stuffed. One with and one without kraut.  This flat came out juicy as could be.  I'll definately do this again thanks to smokin husker and the rest of the tidbits I picked up here on SMF.   I ordered some juniper berries on line. I gotta try that too.

Thanks again everybody!

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When I make pastrami like that I can't beat the wife and kids off with a stick! Grats! That looks like a great pastrami!

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Dang , give me some Saurkraut and Thousand Island  Dressing and I'm set for a Reuben .That looks great...:drool

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  Great looking pastrami ! Nice job!



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Looks very good to me.  Thumbs Up

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Looks tasty! Good job!

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Good looking strami ! Nice job !!!!!

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Thanks to everybody for the "thumbs up" responses!  That piece of meat looked pretty lonely in that big ol WSM.  Next time I'll load her up!  This was a dual experiment, #1 being the meat, and #2

 being the ATC.  I was very pleased with both.

Thanks again               Dave.

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