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Standing Rib Roast

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I remember reading somewhere that a member did not think the smokin it electric smoker would be that great for a beef roast. I can tell you for sure, they were dead wrong! I started with a 3 bone bone-in Choice Standing Rib Roast from Costco. I got it home, cut the bones off, slathered it in a garlic olive oil and added a liberal dose of Stub's Steak Seasoning, then tied the bones back on. I put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Two hours before smoke time, I took it out and left it on the counter. When it was time, I put the roast in my cold #3 with three blocks of Cherry Chunks. I set it for 200 degrees. about 5 1/2 hours later it reached 120. I pulled it out and let it sit on the counter under foil while I made the Yorkshire Puddings (FANTASTIC and easy). When the puddings went in the oven, I fired up my natural gas Weber to its highest setting. 

10 minutes before the puddings were done, I put a double layer of foil down on the Weber grate and put the Prime Rib in it and closed the lid. I left it shut for 8 minutes at 550 degrees, when I pulled it off the crust was beautiful! I put it on the board and carved it right away (no need to rest it - it already reseted on the board before the sear).

One of the pics is blurry, sorry. I have made Prime Ribs dozens of times usually on my Big Green Egg using this same tried and true method. I always get yummy, juicy tender as can be Prime Rib - this one was right up there with the absolute best ones even though it was Choice cut. It was a total rain out of a day, and that made it that much better as I keep the smokin it in my nice dry screen room.


This totally me my criteria of great crust, rare-med rare, minimal grey area, and tender/juicy


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Great looking prime rib! The reverse sear works great when your smoker can't get up to the higher temps. That's one of the best things about the Mini-WSM. You can smoke low and slow, then crank the heat up and do the sear!
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Oh WOW! That looks unbelievable! Nice work on this!!!!

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Originally Posted by Bigfoot21075 View Post


Now that's a mighty pretty plate right there!! Very nice cook!

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Beautiful !!!!

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Yum , now I want some... Trish :77:.

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This prime rib is well named. It is definitely prime!



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That looks awesome!!!  Did you use the rib roast drippings for the yorkshire puddings?  

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Originally Posted by worktogthr View Post

That looks awesome!!!  Did you use the rib roast drippings for the yorkshire puddings?  

THANKS! It really was fantastic! When I roast at such low temps, I get very little in the way of drippings. What I did get went to the Au Jus. I used pure yummy bacon fat for the Yorkshire Puddings - I love the flavor it adds. Here is my favorite recipe for those, the key is to get the drippings smoking how while preheating the oven as well as the 5 minute oven off rest. It really helps set them nicely.

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I'm one of those misinformed clods who formerly spouted off about rib roast needing higher heat. I'm happy to admit I was 100% wrong!! Yours looks as good as any I've ever seen, and Yorkshire pudding is one of my favorite things. Great job and thanks for sharing!!
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