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Looks good waiting to see the money shot. Glad to see SMF come thru again

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Finished product.
They were good. My wife loved them.
I followed mike mills magic dust recipe and found them to be a little too spicy for ribs.
The meat came off the bone with a slight tug.
The sauce I did sweet baby rays with birch beer. I Thought it was pretty good but my wife wasn't a fan.
I'm bringing someone to my brother in law tonight for another opinion
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It looks very TASTY!

Happy smoken.


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Glad they turned out after all. Now that you got your feet wet you can go into the next one with confidence! Just wondering if you have heard of jeff's rub and sauce recipes? I highly recommend the investment. You will never go back to baby rays again. Also much cheaper in the long run.

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I have considered Jeff's before..

What kind of sauce and rub is it?

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The rub is all purpose and very flavorful, not too spicy and not too sweet but just right. A lot of us swear by it. The sauce is very very good as well you can read a ton of reviews on it here. The best part is you get the newsletter, and the money goes to keep this great website going for all of us. 

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