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First time smoking and more temp problems

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This is my first time using the smoker with meat in it.
I'm smoking baby back ribs. 3 racks cut into 6 half racks. I used the top 3 racks. Set it to 230.
During preheat it got to 230 and I loaded it with meat.
I filled the water pan with warm water and room temp apple juice.
I allowed the ribs to sit at room temp for about 20 mins.
According the MES 30 the temp is right at 230. My Maverick says the temp is at 174 and at times dropped to 159.
I had issues during seasoning but it was the other way around. The maverick was high temp and unit low.
I placed the probe dangling in the back left corner between the top and 2nd shelf.
I can't figure out which one is accurate. I'm hoping not the maverick.
I need some quick advice. Do I raise the temp on the unit so that the maverick says 230?

Any help or advice would be great.

Thank you

Ps it's in the 30s here today and I have the vent partially opened.
Also there is a steady smoke coming from the unit.
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Just an update: I realized I wasn't using the food probe so I decided to attach that and drop it in.
obviously I can't see where it's placed or anything but that's reading 243.
I decided to lower the temp on the unit to 220 and the BBQ probe is staying at 170.
I think this maverick is going to me the death of me.
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Ok, I bet you have your maverick set to centigrade instead of fahrenheit??? I have never heard of them being more than a few degrees off. I have 2. I have heard of the Masterbuilt units being way way off though.  

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Take the maverick in the house and boil some water. It should read 212 or therabouts depending on your elevation. Then you will know for sure that you have a reliable unit that you can count on. you can check the MES in the same way or in very icy ice water which would read 32 degrees.

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By the way you might get more responses if you post this in the general discussion section. I had to join the group to try and help you out. No MES here, all charcoal and wood.

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Thank you for the response. The temp is def on farenheight
I'm beside myself because I want these to turn out halfway decent I just don't know which temp to trust.
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I posted a response in your other thread on this subject. It is best to only start one  thread on the same subject.

Happy smoken.


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