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Did a small batch of kabanosy last weekend using the Marianski Bro.'s recipe, and smoked with pecan for a few hours. I used the smallest sheeps I had, 24-26mm. then left them in the frig to dry some.
This is them after the smoke last Sunday,

and here's a slice of one today, measures 18mm +/- now and the flavor is much more intense.

These's are really awesome, just a mild sort of hammy flavor..but better.
Thanks for lookin.
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If it tastes as good as they look, you got some great snacks there!


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They look great!!!  Reinhard

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Nice looking kabonosy, hope you had an easy time with those small casings as I thought they were a  PITA! :icon_biggrin:

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I always love seeing your sausage Dan. :ROTF I would love to try that recipe. I just looked it up in the book you gave me a while back. Love the Marianski brothers. Hugs sweetness!

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2thumbs.gif Very nice!!

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Patiently waiting for Act II....... devil.gif

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very nice.....must do some of these.....Willie

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Looks great, as usual, Dan!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice one Dan...they look great! Kabanosy is high on my sausage to do list.

Why did you choose to use sheep casings? I thought they were typically done in hog?

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No Dingo, Marianski says to use 22's . These are snack stick size and all I had was 24-26 but I think the smaller the better for these. Collagen's would work to I guess .
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My apologies...you're correct....I'm getting my  Kabanosy and Aussie Saveloys mixed up. Damn...now I've got another one to make.!

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They look great.


I am getting into stuffing.  May hit you up for some info.      :confused:

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Looks very tasty!

Happy smoken.


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Looks great Dan. Gonna have to give that recipe a try.

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Any have or care to send the Marianski recipe for these, even by PM???:icon_cry:

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

They look great.

I am getting into stuffing.  May hit you up for some info.      confused.gif

Anytime Bro.
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looks great Dan...................................:drool

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Dang it man them look good, nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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