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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Tube Smokers work very well in just about any low oxygen atmosphere. 
A pellet or gas grill has very little oxygen after the flame.  This is where the Tube Smoker really works well.  The Tubes have a larger mass of pellets than the AMNPS 5x8, and produce more smoke.
Tube Smokers also perform better at higher elevations.  The AMNPS 5x8 seems to struggle around 5,000', but the Tube Smokers perform well.

Thanks Todd, I might have to try one of them out.
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Originally Posted by Delaware Smoker View Post

So will a tube smoker work in a Kamado,which I have? I tried the AMNPS in my Acorn,it doesn't work,because it doesn't get much air to keep it smoking.

Tube smoker works in my 1967 CasaQ so I don't see why it wouldn't work. I put mine right down at the bottom by the air intake.

On a side note I've never had problems getting cherry pellets to burn and stay lit when using the tubes. I do microwave them prior to burning. Nuke for I minute stir, nuke for one more minute. Works every time.
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there is a learning curve firing up the 5x8. i ended up pulling the wood tray on my mes30 out about 2 inches. i ran three trays thru it testing before i put a shoulder in it. put one in about 10 at night and it was going strong at 10 the next morning. just now ordered three 5 pound bags of the hickory. this bad boy works but like i said there is a small learning curve. well worth every min to me.  

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Hello, I have a AMaze as well and can't keep it lit. Try using it in a gaz bbq with lid cracked open and BGE with vents wide open, no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you Gerry.

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Which Amazen burner do you have and which flavor wood are you using?

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There is a steep learning curve with the AMPS.  It's fricken genius once it's lit, but I am struggling to get it going (failed 5/7 times now).  I am however going to try some of Bear's techniques on the next one and use a blower or hairdryer to really get the cherry going on the bottom.  I will report back. 

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Like others have said, microwave to get dry pellets, then light it using the torch and let it burn for about 10-15 minutes to get a good bunch of coal on the bottom, which will keep smoldering.  Then put it somewhere that gets enough air.  I did the mailbox mod.  Use the search bar to get some idea.  It works well for me.  If it seems like it is about to go out, or smoldering really weakly, take it out and blow on the tube from the bottom, to provide more air and get it really going again.  This isn't optimal for long smokes, obviously, but it will work in a pinch.  It did take me a few times to really get it down, but it works well once you get your technique down.

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Thanks for reply, I have the 8 X 5 maze and I been using apple pellets. I will try the microwave next time to dry them out.

Do I need to empty the BGE of charcoal and place maze at the bottom?



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