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hobart slicer question

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I finally bit the bullet and bought a used Hobart Slicer here in town that was for sale.  It's a 1712 model that is dusty but seems to be in pretty good shape and I got it for $200.  One thing I noticed was that it was missing the meat gripper that goes on the tray.


Looking online it looks like those parts are about $150.  Does anyone know if I have to have this part in order to slice?  Can it be used without that part?



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You talkin about the little piece that has a handle that you grip the meat with?
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You can use it without but watch your fingers when the meat gets low.
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Yikes, that's what I was afraid of.


How sharp should the blade be?  What I mean is if it's at rest is the blade sharp enough that I'd be afraid of slicing myself?


The one that's on it right now, I'd have to push with some pretty good pressure on it to cut my finger.

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We keep ours razor sharp.

Yours need sharpened.
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Thank you very much

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No problem. Post up some pics of it.

I have a 1612
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Would love to, but it'll be this weekend once I find a neighbor to help me lift the heavy son of a gun out of the car :)


I also have a big question about the sharpener but I'll wait until the pictures.

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I'd highly recommend getting one of those "no cut" gloves...
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