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Aloha Diabo Deer Jerky

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Hey Everyone   :beercheer: Cheers and Happy Smokin.....,


A couple months ago I brought some beef jerky I made to share at work and several co-workers have been throwing deer meat at me to smoke for them ( of course, I get a percentage - life is good ! Thumbs Up )


Anywho, I've made Teriyaki as well as BBQ flavors, both of which have been well liked.  I asked the guy who was next up in my smoker if he wanted BBQ or Teriyaki and he said, " how about a spicy Teriyaki?".  Sounded reasonable to me, and as I haven't tried any hot jerky yet I was compelled to see what I could whip up.....

After adding  spices and cures ( I use High Mountain Jerky Cure and Seasoning - for this batch I used Original flavor, a bit more peppery)


I mixed up some Hot Yaki using the following ingredients.... following the precepts of K.I.S.S.


2/3 cup K.C. Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki Sauce

1/3 cup Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce

4 teaspoons jalapeno juice from a jar of sliced jalapenos

2 teaspoons olive oil ( to help keep the deer meat moist )

This amount was perfect for the almost 4 lbs. of meat I'm doing.


Spiced, cured and sauced both sides of the meat than layered it in a Pyrex for 24 hrs in the fridge.


Smells amazing. Updates tomorrow after it makes it to the smoker. Prayers to the Smoker Gods :77: and a little luck always appreciated. - Ed

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It looks like it will be great. Why not buy a bag of cure #1 and spend a little time in the jerky are. Their are a lot of good recipes that people have shared that will cut the cost of jerky and perhaps improve the product th_dunno-1[1].gif.


Happy smoken.


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If you need a "Hawaiian" opinion on those... ;)

We have axis deer here and they are suppose to be good eating!
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I'll get there David, lookin' forward to it. Mostly a matter of stepping outta my comfort zone and laying in spice and seasoning supplies.  Shopping here is a nightmare. Walmart is the best store around if that tells ya anything ha ! Makin' a journey to St. Lois soon so hope to hit a real store when I do. 

REALLY looking forward to getting a grinder and making sausages, love the sausages ! :yahoo:  Also plan to adapt my BB grill as a primary smoke source to my smoker so I can cold smoke. Say CHEESE yesssss !!


Thanks for all your help since I started hanging out here, much appreciated.  Smoke on my friend. - Ed

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Hey Welsh, sending a batch to my best friend in Kurtistown. Maybe ya can hook up with Hawaiian Brian for a sample. thumb1.gif

Big hello to the turtles at Kanaloa !!!

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Originally Posted by smoked alaskan View Post

Hey Welsh, sending a batch to my best friend in Kurtistown. Maybe ya can hook up with Hawaiian Brian for a sample. thumb1.gif
Big hello to the turtles at Kanaloa !!!

That's only 100 miles away... It'd be worth it!!!

We take the kids to the pool at Kanaloa sometimes...
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Have to contact ya next time I drift through. Unfortunately at least a year away. Miss the Islands bad !!


Mele Kelikimaka !!

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And a hau'oli makahiki hou!!!

Kahalu'u beach park was one of my favorite winter surf spots...
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The jerky looks good !

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That sure looks good so far Ed.  I like that when folks put their first name out.  I think your friends will love it!!  Reinhard

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Thank ya Moon. You to Reinhard. 

It's smoking now, been in a bit over an hour.  Was too stormy to smoke last night.

Chamber temp holding nicely at 190*....thin blue smoke seepin' out, smelling gooood. My favorite smell in the world !

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One hour forty five minutes in. First pull of what's done so far, and a chance to taste it.


Initially not as spicy hot as I expected but very interesting flavor. The heat builds as you chew and lingers nicely after eating it. Of course, the true flavor won't be apparent until it's sat for a bit.  I think for those that like instant heat some cayenne powder mixed with the seasoning sprinkle might bring that out. Open to suggestions from the forum....

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Here's the finished pile. Total batch took 3 1/2 hrs. It's always hard at the end of doing a batch for someone else to give it up...:th_crybaby2:


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