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grill mats

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Guys I have been wondering can you use aluminum screening for windows as grill mats? I don't see why not other than the machine oil contamination, but if you cook that off would it then be ok? Any thoughts?
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Yeah , how about getting a proven product , or three :icon_question:

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I have no problem buying those. But I was curious if they would work.
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If there is any salt at all on the food, the screen will dissolve and you will be eating aluminum.... Some folks say, aluminum is partly responsible for Alzheimers... I wouldn't use it... I use Todd's Matz.....

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I don't know about Alzheimer's but I use grill mats also.
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I have heard the same thing about Alzheimer's. I also use Todd's Q-matz


They are also easy to clean.

Maybe we could get Myth Busters to do a side by side with them.

Happy smoken.


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Amnz qmat here as well.b276a707e8fb8d47b2f25c233ec71e55.jpg
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Q-Matz here


The issue I have with the aluminum is it is not food grade. We use aluminum in a lot of our kitchen pans commercially, but it is designed for food service.

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Thanks for the feed back just figured I would ask. Never hurts to question.
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Originally Posted by PatG View Post

Thanks for the feed back just figured I would ask. Never hurts to question.

Never quit thinking outside the box. That is how a lot of great inventions were found.

Happy smoken.


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