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Hey Gary, i finally got a break from work (three doubles in as many days) and just caught this. That is one heck of a meal and one heck of a play by play. I Think a good name for this post should be drool.gif Gary's Drool School!!! biggrin.gif Great job my friend!!!

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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Thank you  themule69 and c farmer  I try to better every time


Bear55   I use to wrap in foil sometimes, Sometimes not wrap at all. But about 4 or 5 years ago I started using butcher. The big difference is Foil holds in all the moisture and actually steams the brisket bringing it up to temp faster and decreasing cooking time a bit, Called the Texas Crutch. Butcher paper on the other hand holds some moisture but not like foil. I find that my bark stays firmer while helping hold some moisture in. Not saying that BP is better than foil I just prefer it. Give it a try see what you think ?



Gary, thank you for the info.  I may just give butcher paper a try.

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Thank you 5oclock   glad you enjoyed it  and thanks for the point



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Hey Gary
What a fantastic post. Step by step. Great tutorial. Looks like you found some really quality meat for this one--fantastic looking ribs and brisket. Love Dutch's beans. Now all I have to do is find a free day to smoke something
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Thanks Gary

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It all looks outstanding Gary! Great post.

Question: when you wrap your briskets, do you always unwrap them and put them back on the smoker? I've done this with ribs so I suspect it's for the same reasons, setting the bark?
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Sometimes not always.

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