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Yes I've been processing my own game for years and I've been making my own sausage and bologna for a long time. Mostly "fresh sausage" but I have smoked some in my Brinkman and while it's OK, it's not stellar because the Brinkman electric runs at a constant 220-240 degrees so the cook time is pretty quick, much like baking it in your oven. I usually hung the sausage in a cool area and let the casing air dry for a few hours prior to putting it in the Brinkman smoker so it would absorb more smoke. Good books on smoking are paramount to doing things correctly and while I haven't got a smoker large enough to do all the things I'd like to do. I eventually plan on building a homemade smoker from an old upright freezer (steel lined) that I was given so I read as much as possible and absorb the info in an effort to lessen the learning curve and have a good working knowledge of what the do's and don'ts are. I have most of the equipment I need to set myself up a nice little shop where I could do things year around if I want. The Mrs. and I have been experiencing some "economic hard times" so to speak, having both lost our full time manufacturing jobs due to outsourcing, and we're currently surviving on part time jobs so my dream of building a small shop has been put on hold 'til our ship comes back in... fingers crossed!!


You can make the small diameter "cracker bologna" quite easily and you wouldn't need a large stuffer for that. A good quality 5lb stuffer  would be fine.



Burt, very sorry to read about the lost jobs for you and your wife. My wife opened a home daycare in our home 11 years ago and, with me unemployed since 2011, it's keeping us going. Even after business expenses we have enough to pay our bills and live OK.


That upright freezer would make a dynamite smoker. How would you work drilling a hole for an air vent?


I saw online a couple of very reasonably priced stuffers so one of those may be my Father's Day present next year. I've ground meat for making bulk sausage but never stuffed one into a casing. I own a Masterbuilt electric smoker that can cook low and slow and I could hang sausage from the top racks or just lay them on the racks. Hopefully next year if we can afford it.