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Pellet Grill as Smoker

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Ok, I am new here, so please bear with me.  I wanted to buy an electric smoker so that I could smoke a lot of venison sausage.  I was looking at the Master Built, Smoking Tex and Smokin It.  I then came across these pellet grills.


Can the pellet grills serve as a smoker and a regular grill?  I want to have a good smoker but need a grill too; however, I want a really good smoker and don't want to settle for less than full flavor.


Do the regular electric smokers provide better smoked meat taste than a pellet grill?  How low can the temp go on a pellet grill?



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my experience is that i cant get the temp down low enough on a pellet grill to make sausage, you can cold smoke with the AMNPS or AMNTS . i actually use the AMNTS in my lellet grill for extra smoke.
SOOOOOO .... thats why i have a smoker and a pellet grill  canada.gif


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Thanks Goliath.
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Take a look at the cookshack/fast eddie pg500. You would probably need an amazing tube for large amounts of sausage, but you can use a tray of ice above the warming draw to cold smoke cheese/nuts/etc, and the open fire zone can get to 900+ degrees to sear a stake as good as you can get anywhere
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