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Pork Butt

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I smoked a 8 lb Pork Butt in the beginning of November in Minnesota at Deer Camp and I do have to say it was the best one I have done so far. I direct smoked it for 5 hours with a mixture of Apple,Cherry and Roasted Garlic and Beer wood pellets and then wrapped in foil for 3 hours and ohhhhh myyyyyyyy goodddddnesssss!

The 2nd Photo is of the 11lb ham I did over Thnaksgiving with the same Pellets as the Pork Butt

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nice work on both.....well done....Willie

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Makes me hungry ! nice job !

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So , now you're Hooked :icon_question: 


O.S.D. is a disorder that causes one to constantly need to Smoke Meat :confused: Soon you will have the Neighbor hood starting to visit more and more , until you have a crowd you can't shake a Rib Bone at .  Obsessive Smoking Disorder is a Hoot and will have


your pocketbook screaming :icon_eek:


have fun and..  

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oldschool hit that right on the head O.S.D. is a budget changing disease! Before O.S.D I always had a stash of money hidden in the back of my wallet that I called my mad money, you know get mad at the wife or boss, go buy myself something. But now I am lucky to be able to afford even thinking about getting mad!! LOL
Keep Smokin!!!
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Nice looking smokes, biohazmat.



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I have to ask, beer wood pellets?

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Nice job, looks great   BOTH of them



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