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Successful First Turkey

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Hi guys!


So, at the insistence of my wife, I attempt my first turkey on my little Brinkmann Electric. Of course, I looked up a lot of advice here before proceeding, and can't thank you guys enough.


I went with a small 12.8 lb bird that I was pretty sure would fit on the smoker. Found a nice recipe for an herbaceous brine on one of the cooking websites, and brined it for about 36 hrs. Personally, I think that made all the difference in the world. Took it out of the brine and slide some herb butter under the skin. The wife didn't think anything else needed to be done, but I slathered unsalted butter on the skin just because I felt it needed something.


Started the smoker, and used apple wood for the first 3 1/2 hrs. Smoker stayed up around 225 the whole time. While I had 30 mins per pound in my head, I found it to go a lot faster. had the probe in the breast, and it hit 165 right around the 5 1/2 hr mark. Of course, that was about an hour before the guests were supposed to arrive. D'oh!


Once again, you guys came to the rescue. I foiled it, wrapped it in towels, and shoved it into a Styrofoam cooler. It came out looking exactly like it went in, except maybe for the skin being a little less crisp. However, it sliced perfectly, had just the right amount of smoke, and everybody was quite happy.



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Looks like a new family tradition!


Thats a pretty looking bird.

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You done GREAT!!

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Great looking yard bird there!

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Nice looking Bird .   


:icon_eek: , What happened in the last shot , someone go hunting for roast Bird...:confused:

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