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Cherry Gloat

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I have a friend who has a sawmill. He cut some cherry for a customer. The customer let me come cut the tops. Has a few soft pieces as well as some with the center gone. Most is good. My boys helped me carry it out of the timber. Total about 1/2 to 3/4 cord. Cherry is hard to come by here in Kansas.
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Nice score there Woodman...
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A little cherry is good, a lot is evil.  I did a survey of a bunch of customers using apple, cherry, peach and apricot. Apple was everybody's #1, cherry was everybody's least favorite. Didn't make any difference what I was smoking. A little cherry mixed in with a lot of something else is OK, but straight cherry is inedible.

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I usually mix it with pecan or hickory.  I think it is good with chicken by itself with a light smoke.  I love the smell of it when I am using it.  

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apple and a little cherry. My favorite go to for pork period. I think cherry is very good on Beef as it will take a harsher smoke. I have been out for a while now. I refuse to buy those little bags of chunk wood but wish I was selling them. You probably got a couple grand worth of cherry there chunked up and sold in little bags. lol

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Nice haul!! I love cherry myself. I do use it sparingly. I like to start my butts or brisket with it then switch over to pecan. It seems to help achieve a more mahogany color, which I find quite lovely. Congrats!!!

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