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I'm totally late on this one since I just joined but did you get a grinder yet? I am not a hunter and just for the first time last month used my grinder for sausage. I have some serious learning to do on the sausage however I have been using a Tasin-108 grinder for many years. I use it to grind my own raw meat for my cats food so I grind bone and all. I love the grinder and it's been going strong for almost 5 years now grinding all kinds of meats and bones at about 100# a month. It's $150 at
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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

I have that same stuffer.. and it's in need of new gears as they have stripped and broke... my suggestion would be.. when you make snack sticks to water down your meat mixture... and be careful when you get to the bottom and not over crank when piston hits the bottom...

I cranked mine all the way down and made a mark with permanent marker on the vertical gear shaft. Now I know when I'm close and can back off accordingly.
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Originally Posted by jeff1980 View Post

Does anyone use the sausage stuffer on the harbor freight meat grinder
Need some help with that
And sorry to jack ur thread don't know how to of my own

My friend, save your pennies and buy a cheap stuffer. Meat grinders will stuff but it is slow, agonizing, and not good for your blood pressure. Mark my words. I would look for a basic 5 pounder with metal gears in my humble opinion. Ever since I got my stuffer I actually look foreword to stuffing sausages now. It has turned from a cuss fest to something that is fun. Worth every penny. Just pay attention to when the thing is out of meat. Most guys that end up stripping gears, etc... probably bottomed out the piston and kept on cranking.

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I bought a VIVO 5 lb. stuffer from Amazon last fall for $109, but they are listed at $289 now. It was worth every penny for the price I paid. My only complaint would be the handle, which doesn't secure and has to be held in place while you crank. But a strong magnet solved most of that problem.


Timberjet is right. An inexpensive stuffer will change your life.

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Originally Posted by Bladebuilder View Post

Found this one... Thoughts? Really tempted, for the price, and a 1/2 hp motor, dont think I can loose.

Will likely pair it with this

I have that same grinder but I got mine at Gander Mountain on sale.  I hope your works better than mine.  It grinds, but I have to push/force every single piece of meat through it regardless of the size of the chunks or strips or per-ground.  My next one will be a LEM with a "Big  Bite" auger.

I also have the same stuffer and it works great.

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Originally Posted by CrazyMoon View Post

Maybe a Kitchen Aid with grinder attachment ? Cabelas has a sale on their grinders with free shipping(not sure about Canada though). 1/2 HP grinder for $319. They are good grinders!

yes, 1/2 HP is good, but under $200, 

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