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Left over Turkey? Make pies!

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Being an expat Aussie, i've never gotten around to doing my own Thanksgiving Turkey. Well, I rectified that situation this year and brined and smoked a 10lb Turkey. Looking back, 10lb was always going to be to much food for two adults, Captain Chaos (4yo) and his brother Carnage (2yo). So..what to do with the left overs...I vac-packed a few frozen turkey dinners for my shift working wife, but still had a bunch. The Aussie in me immediately went to pies..they are the national food of Australia after all.


So, please meet the Smoked Turkey Thanksgiving Pie;


Made up a fresh Turkey gravy with the Giblet stock I made earlier, added chopped Turkey and a can of mixed vegetables;



Prepared the pie bases...used store bought 9" pie bases cut down to suit (I'm man enough to admit I haven't mastered pastry yet)



Filled said bases...(These are 5" bases..figure on around a cup of filling)



Add tops and crimp. For a more rustic look, dont trim the edges, however the Capricorn in me cant do it. Added a "T" so i know what they are in the freezer.



If you're gonna eat em...bake at 375F until brown on top. For me...I par bake them, 15mins @ 375F, cool, freeze and vac pack for future pieness. One 5" pie is a meal in its self and awesome for those nights you dont want to cook. I stick em in the oven @ 375, straight from the freezer...usually takes 20-25 minutes.


NOTE on Vac packing...I freeze them over night on the baking tray..when you vac pack them, dont go to full'll cruch the pastry...I vac em just until the pack is formed and seal it.


Thanks for looking.

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Wow that is great, well done 

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Looks great love the T! Great advice to not smash the pies!
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Looks awesome.



I am gonna have to try them.


Can use any meats.

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That's a great idea , they loo nice , the little "T" thingy is nice , also...


Have fun and . . .

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