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SLCs w/Qview

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Had a slab of SLCs in the freezer taking up valuable space. Rubbed em down last night with a fridge nap. Put them on the is AM with some Pitmaster's Blend dust in the AMNPS.


Smoked em for 5 hours at 240. Then let them sit in there for about an hour while I finished up making some sausage. I don't foil. I did that once or twice, much prefer them without wrapping. I am a smoke and bark hound. 






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Nice looking ribs ! Any left for me ??:icon_biggrin:

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They look tasty!
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It's tradition that some of your cook go to a Moderator , here I am...:ROTF


Those look great :icon_exclaim:


Keep it up , and . . .

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