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Beautiful day, so why not?

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It's going to be in the mid forties here today so I figure why not smoke some meat? I haven't posted in a while, but I thought we'd share today's smoke. We're doing 2 pork loins, a brisket (my first), and a couple racks of ribs.

My son and I made an awesome cherry chipotle bbq sauce yesterday that we can't wait to try out.
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Looking forward to pictures, have fun smoking

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I look forward to posting pics this time. Ive neglected doing so for a while.

Seems like I'm having trouble embedding pics with my iPhone though..
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Ha! That's my son stirring the sauce last night. Here's the meat.

The ribs are rubbed in the sauce. The brisket and loins have dry rubs on them. I'm using cherry chunk for the smoke.
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The loins and brisket are pulled off. I wrapped them in foil at 170 and took them to 195. I then double wrapped in foil and have them sitting in a cooler wrapped in towels. I'll pull them in a few hours.

The ribs are just about ready to come off. im just letting that bark set a bit more.
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Those are great looking ribs! Can't wait to see the rest!!
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Oh, nice Ribs...:drool

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Well those are great looking ribs. Wonderful  pullback. Tell us all about cooking them . Like foil no foil how long at what temp. Since you cooked them with the other I know you had you hands full. Were they as good as they looked? How about the rub? Did you sauce them with the other meat. Yea, I am nosy and not bashful about great looking food. Thanks in advance.   Jted .

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Thanks guys, and I apologize for the tardiness of my reply.

The smoker was at about 230 or 240 average. It was chilly and windy, so it was a learning curve for me to smoke in those conditions as I hadn't before. The temp fluctuated some. I used lump and cherry chunk.

One rack of ribs had the cherry chipotle bbq sauce on it and the other was a dry rub. I foiled, using 3-2-1. The meat just fell off the bone, which is a little more done than I prefer but my family likes them that way.
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I'm having trouble with pics again. I'm trying to embed them and they don't show up. O__O
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IAShane, great looking ribs! Is the cherry chipotle BBQ sauce a secret? It sounds really good.
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It looks like it works better with the wifi off.. the back rack was the cherry chipotle and the front was the dry rub.

This is some of the brisket sandwiches I made, again with the cherry chipotle. You can see the cherries. :)
And thanks steelcitysmoke. The sauce isn't a secret, I got the recipe off the web and tweaked it a little. I can try to send the recipe to you.

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I would be one that would also appreciate your cherry sauce.


I've got access to can cherries, tart and sweet


thank you so much,


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For you issues with your phone uploading pics. I noticed when I first updated to iOS 8 I had issues uploading on wifi. I switched it off and it worked. Then when they came out with the next update it worked fine on wifi. If your not on the latest update and have already updated to iOS 8 then it might be good to update it to iOS 8.1.2.

Just a thought.

As for the meat. Looks great!!! My mouth is watering!!!
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