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Smoked Turkey for the Holiday

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Even though I smoked several turkeys for friends this last couple of day's I still had to provide some stuff for the big

Thanksgiving feast that my friend puts on for all of us. He normally has about 30 folks come over to his place for a big meal. And this year a chance to watch the Seahawks beat the 49ers.


I had the Lang 48 running all morning with turkeys for my friends. So I needed to do the two I was taking to my friends place

on the Weber Smokey Mountain.  


You can see the second one on the rack below.


While I was at it I put on some ribs on the weber Kettle to take along as well.


Here are the two turkeys ready to head out the door.


These were done at 285 degrees to a IT of 165 in the breast and 170 in the thigh. Over hickory chunks. 

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Those look perfect.
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Oh man they do look GREAT:drool:

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H2SO4 Ca,


That turkey pic looks better than the pic on Wikipedia =^) !

I'm also smoking a turkey today also on a WSM.   Chicken drumsticks are along for the ride; for lunch, maybe.  Got any tips, tricks, gotchas to share? Just shoot me a PM if u don't wanna post. 



in the rust belt, where it's 45 F and rising!

11 months into WSM usage

My jacket smells better than El Pollo Loco. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I don't do anything special. I don't often brine my birds I prefer to inject them with a butter 

apple juice solution. I have always been able to get a wonderful moist bird that way so why change.


I try to keep my smoker temp for poultry at 275 to 300 as poultry doesn't benefit from the low and slow method.

I also try to remember that smoke is a flavor. I want to taste it but I don't want it to overpower the meat. Thin blue

smoke is the key. I have used several different woods and depending on what I want for an end product will help 

me determine which to use. This year I wanted a bolder taste and color so I chose hickory. Last year for a lighter

color and a subtler taste I used apple.


I have a temp probe in my bird from the min it hits the pit. As a matter of fact I have 3 probes. One for the pit, one in the

brest and one in the thigh. I want to pull it at a IT of 165 in the breast and 170 in the thigh.

Thats really all I do. Pretty simple really. My dad taught me to smoke meat a long time ago and that's what he did. Just keep

it simple.  

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I should also say the only thing I put on the bird is olive oil on the skin and a 50-50 mix of kosher salt and crushed black pepper.

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h2so4ca , those are Marvelous looking Birds , and yes, I saw the other Peeping out , the Ribs were nice too :icon_exclaim:


Wish you lived here in "oihO" ,  and were MY friend...:drool


Have a grand Holiday and Christmas Season , and as always . . .

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