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Post Thanksgiving Brisket

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I thought something besides turkey would be good for today, so I picked up a ~12 pound packer cut brisket when I was at Sam's last week.  We've never trimmed a brisket before, but I think my son & I managed an OK job last night.  Based on what I've read here, we are doing our first one with just salt & pepper.  I was planning to put it on at 5 am, but when the dog wanted out just after 3:30 am I decided to go ahead and put it on.  The outside temp was 22 deg.  The smoker was at 225 shortly before 4 am.  I didn't get any photos 'cause it was quite dark (and cold!).  I've had it at 225 since 4 am.  Just decided to take a peek and see if it had shrunk enough for me to unfold it (my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel isn't quite wide enough to put it in flat and I didn't want to separate the point at least for this first try.)  I snapped a photo while I had the smoker open...




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Brisket is an awesome idea for after Turkey Day.
For your first brisket it looks great. drool.gif
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I love Brisket and cannot lie... that looks Marvelous , Dana , and hope you had fun doing it... was a fun trip , Huh :icon_question:


Have fun and . . .

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The brisket was a bit of a mixed success.  One end of the flat, probably the end that was curled under, was a bit over done while the rest was perfect.  We also found the point to be a bit fatty for our tastes when sliced.  Next time I'll separate it part way through and cook it longer for pulling so I can remove more of the fat.  All in all, I was satisfied for the first attempt.  It had a very nice smoke ring on one side - I didn't flip it during smoking and I assume that the reason it was only on one side??  - and the flavor was excellent.  When my wife tried it she said, with a hint of question in her voice, "It tastes like barbecue"  She's used to me taking her places that serve eastern or western NC pork barbecue and I guess wasn't expecting beef to have a similar flavor :-)  


It's all gone except for a few slices that look like they came form the point and I'll most like have them for supper this evening.

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