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Smoked Bunny Broth!!!!!!!!!!!! (And lots of red wine)!

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Hello great cuties!


And happy Thanksgiving to you!


I made a smoked rabbit number, (WON-DER-FUL), and it was made with black truffle oil, duck bacon, and shallots,Gala apple, white Burgundy and so it goes! AMAZING!


Please come post all of YOUR fantastic day's eats and drinks - and whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not - as we all have something to be quite Thankful for!


Cheers indeed! - Leah


(Also, since uploading the following photos from my phone, I somehow couldn't get writing between them, oddly enough, but what I did was marinate the bunny overnight in goat yogurt, smoke for 35 minutes on high heat with pecan chips, and then add to my fennel seeds, white wine, duck bacon, Gala apple, herbs de Provence, black truffle oil, white pepper, garlic & shallot). SENSATIONAL!!!!

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And I drank a Whitehall Lane blend - Tre Leoni - which was great; (Cab, Merlot, Syrah). American all the way today, as it is Thanksgiving!


And you? Share your eats/drinks/smokes!!!!!!!! Cheers to all!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Leah, I have a vivid memory from 1966 when my grandparents had rabbit on the table and to this day, I'll be glad to meet in the brothel or the bar . . . but I still ain't eatin' no bunny rabbit.

I think the way they tried to get us kids to eat stuff was by not telling us what it was until later. Back in the 1990's we just told the kids it was chicken fingers and to REALLY make it exciting, we told them it was shark... Big tough guys (4 yrs old) could eat shark so that seemed to make them vicariously powerful. Even the shark was chicken fingers

Anyway, about this brothel? biggrin.gif
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Ps: mother in law says the Northeast Kingdom has lots of winter waiting for you!
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Happy holiday Knuckle47 and how funny about the version of food that kids thought they were eating!

This rabbit was sensational and pecan chips made it amazing!

Somehow with broth, I used the word play of "brothel" although my humble kitchen is simply a kitchen and so my alliteration attempts are hopefully taken in stride (or my warped humor) but perhaps I should change that so that I don't offend anyone....

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear about what everyone ate and drank!
And the Kingdom sounds chilly albeit beautiful!! May go up in 2 weeks. Cheers! - Leah
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We get invited to every thanksgiving to some old time family friends... We are currently on the fifth generation of having thanksgiving together!

This was just the main course! There was more tables with appetizers, desserts and wine bar.



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MMmmmm, such delicious offerings to the Spirit of Blessings and Love.  Leah and Welshrarebit I can feel the Love in your homes.


Leah's rabbit had me smiling because one of our daughters who is visiting works for a grocery chain with stores across the US.  They had rabbit on sale for the holiday and had protesters yesterday outside her store.  The protesters all had rabbits for pets.  The protesters carried signs while wearing rabbit suits and bunny ears.  They even had their kids there dressed the same way.  Ahhh, ya gotta love the San Francisco Bay Area!  Always entertaining!


It was a fun story for her to share while we dined on;

   - Cream of fresh cauliflower soup seasoned with cumin, nutmeg, and topped with oyster crackers and diced green onions.

   - Green salad with toasted almonds, sweet tomatoes, and yellow peppers drizzled with rosemary olive oil and peach balsamic vinegar.

   - Amish bread rolls rated ugliest ever made by me but oh so delicious.

   - Orange juice brined, garlic rubbed, hickory and cherry smoked turkey.

   - Oven baked cornbread stuffing, my wife's family recipe.

   - Smoke roasted, poultry seasoned, chardonnay basted, turkey dripping potatoes, onions, carrots and celery.

   - Turkey creamed gravy flavored with previously smoked turkey gelatin and today's turkey drippings

   - Cranberry orange salad.

   - Sweet potato pie topped with heavy cream whipped stiff, flavored with Mexican vanilla and a little sugar.


The deviled eggs appetizer and grill roasted zucchini got pushed off the menu to tomorrow.  The bottle of family labeled chardonnay was never opened and we didn't realize it until later!  It too will find the corkscrew tomorrow. 


There were only three of us but we have lots of leftovers, full bellies, and smiles enough to share.


The only pics of the food are still in my daughter's phone.  I'll have to have her send them to me so I can post them here. 


Happy Thanksgiving All!             

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Well my goodness, from Hawaii to our west coast and more; this is all just so beautiful!


Ray, and Welshrarebit; (I love saying your handle) what fantastic connectivity with people and delicious food and libation!! That is so wonderful!


We had much snow here, which I am certain gave Thanksgiving a different backdrop than yours, (yet we bring our own sunshine in this world, right), and it does sound like everyone has been eating and drinking and enjoying, and I am so thrilled!!


Keep your photos and shared sips and tastes coming!! And Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Oh, and Ray, I forgot to mention, those silly bunnies with the protesting! I'm not a fan!!!!!!!! Smiles.


Anyway, here's to lovely food! Everyone's feasting sounded wonderful! Keep it coming! Cheers! - Leah

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