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Thanksgiving turkey breast

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As usual with me no Q-view, but started an 8lb turkey breast on my WSM 22.5" at 6:30am.  It was 8 degrees when the meat went on and an hour later it was 1 degree here in Prairie City, IA.  Its back up to 4 degrees i see and the meat is moving right along.


Tried something new and got a 48" tall roll of Reflectix, cut 80" off the roll and aluminum taped the ends together from the top of the cylinder 24" down.  Had to do this to allow my short stock Maverick probes to come through the open slit to sit on an upside down bucket.  I still put up my plywood windbreak as well.  I have to say that insulator almost works too well.  I can close off all but one vent and just slit the 3rd as usual and the thing was ON.  I ended up putting a 4" piece of 2X4 under one side of the insulator tube to allow more air intake as i was just too lazy to fold up the wind break and put it away.  Should be foiling turkey at about 10am or 10:30 at the latest and eating at 12:30.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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Very creative idea for a WSM Snuggie!


Still waiting on the pics though.



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quick peek over the top...

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Reflectix swaddled WSM behind my windbreak.  162 IT in the breast as we speak.  just about ready to take off!

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Yep reflectix insulation makes a good insulator and a good wind break.
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yes, yes it does.  I've put the windbreak away already and pulled the reflectix off and am just waiting for it to hit 164 or 165 and pull it off, foil and blanket it and get it in the cooler.  Lunch at the inlaws' at 12:30 CST and i still have to shower, shave and dress too.

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That's ever better than a welder's blanket.  I predict many SMF's will copy that arrangement!

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Originally Posted by Noboundaries View Post

That's ever better than a welder's blanket.  I predict many SMF's will copy that arrangement!

Been floating around in the Mini-WSM forum for quite some time. Keith was the first here to use the reflectix as a wind break/blanket.
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A novel idea :cool: and good wind break...


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving ...

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Yep.  Between this site and the virtual weber bullet site i can't say i've been the first to do anything to do with smoking.  I just knew it was going to be in teens or tens this morning and figured i'd finally pull the trigger on trying this reflectix as an insulator.  I'm very, very pleased with the results.  I have seen a complaint in the past where someone very tightly wrapped the reflectix  around the smoker securing it with a bungee strap or two around the body.  Well the reflectix actually burned he said along with a bungee cord.  Now i'm not really sure why people do what they do when they do it and end up surprised by the ensuing results and i won't say anymore than that, but all I can say is that even without my windbreak that 48" tall tube with a few inches of clearance around the smoker top to bottom wasn't going anywhere even in a stiff wind.  I saw no reason to secure with velcro or bungee straps.  My reflectix didn't burn anywhere either.

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